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Different types of HVAC systems

For most people, heating and cooling will account for as much as half of the energy they use. With this in mind, it’s important to choose an HVAC system that will meet your comfort needs, without drawing on excess power and escalating your cost of living.

People living in hot or cold climates might go for a single stage system, designed to produce just heating or cooling. These tend to be inexpensive, but are also rather inefficient and will typically be working at capacity even when it’s not required

HVAC systems and Midlothian air conditioning can also be built to offer humidity control, and both humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be added as options to heating and cooling systems. People that live in very dry environments or the tropics find these additions to the system essential. With that being said, some people prefer to install separate humidifier or dehumidifier systems, so that they can manage the humidity of their environment without also having to turn on the air conditioner.

Heating System

These systems mainly take some different forms. Some of them are basically furnaces that burn material to provide heated air through the ductwork, while another popular choice is boilers that heat water for the steam radiators or forced water systems with different means like baseboard radiators. heat from electricity and obviously heat pumps. A furnace generally operates on natural gas or propane while a boiler present in systems will use gas or oil to heat the water.

The other option can be a radiant floor as it is also known as the hydronic heating system. Here the system uses the piping mechanism under the floor as they are made of flexible tubes that are filled with water or glycol solution. These type of mechanism can heat up any type of floor, including concrete based flooring and is an efficient method or providing warmth and comfort to households and offices. They can even be furnished into the wooden flooring though they need to cautiously installed in sheathings for wooden floors.

Cooling System

Air conditioners come in many forms, from the massive boxes designed to cool an entire house to a portable window-mounted box that can be pulled out and used in cooler climates to handle short summers.

Some of them are installed by the owners and they come with ductless mini split systems which are a popular choice for the current generation. Installation of these systems is still a major project as the interior and exterior elements of the system need to be connected but they are relatively cheap to both buy and run it properly.

In case of dry climatic conditions, evaporative coolers are an option which is popular among consumers. They mainly draw outside air into the system passing it through water-saturated pads mechanism, which cool and moisten the air before finally pushing it into the living space and displacing the hot air. Hence this way the air remains replenished and the comfort of the living space is given first priority.